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A Creative Way Of Thinking About Financial Planning

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A Creative Way Of Thinking About Financial Planning


The Vault is a safe place where we can help you to store all the important information about your affairs and arrangements so that in the event of you losing capacity to look after your own affairs, your Attorney can ‘stand in your shoes’ and take over the day to day management of these for you and rather than having to search for this information it is all ready, up to date and waiting in one place for them to have access to.

In the event of your death your Executors will be able to access this up to date information, for all your affairs and arrangements, to enable them to apply for and obtain Probate and to deal with the distribution of your estate to the people to whom you have made bequests in a very timely manner and without unnecessary delays.

The Vault is key to ensuring that your important information is held safely in one place and is kept up to date to help the people you trust the most to manage your affairs effectively and efficiently at what can be a very difficult time for all concerned.

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